A Love Affair – Getting Ready Photos

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A Love Affair – Getting Ready Photos

I am definitely someone who endorses Getting Ready Photos.

I know, I know… that sounds like something that I have to say. You are a photographer, Heather… would you ever tell us there are photo shoots you wouldn’t endorse???

I hear your skepticism from a mile away.

But think about the benefit like this…  An Engagement shoot is a great time for you and your partner to sit down together, take a breather from all of that wedding planning, to laugh, have a good time and to walk away with a momento of the two of you right now before you slip the rings on your fingers.

Getting ready photos can be exactly like that. They don’t have to be the all too familiar Pinterest shot of you and a room full of bridesmaid’s helping you into your wedding dress or of your soon to be Father-in-law straightening your tie. They can be that moment before the wedding where you take a deep breath, let all of the anxiety go and just enjoy these last few moments (looking AMAZING might I add) before you tie the knot.

Some couples choose to do them separately. Some choose to do them together as a first look. It all depends on you and your personality. But I definitely recommend that moment before you giddily walk down the aisle, starring into the eyes of the one you love, tearing up, to take a moment… a breath… to capture you on your wedding day in that moment of peace.

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