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lesbian art, fine art photography, queer art, fine art series

lesbian art, fine art photography, queer art, fine art series
Sometimes I feel invisible.

Like unless I wear a suit and tie or shave one side of my head, the world misses who I really am.

I go to parties and its the men that are hitting on me. I smile and play nice when I say no. But it sometimes becomes taxing to be invisible. To feel invisible. To feel like a part of you is breaking apart before your eyes and floating away and no one even notices.

So a little while ago I started trying to capture that feeling on camera. I took photos of beautiful, femme women breaking apart. Their delicate nature, their strength, their inner beauty, what makes them unique breaking apart and flying out of frame.

But as I talked to these women, these amazing, charismatic women I realized that I was rather narrow-minded. This isn’t a phenomenon that’s unique to we femmes at all.

We all go through it, don’t we? Moments were we feel the world has missed who we are. Where we feel like who we are on the inside is not who is portrayed on the outside.

Moments where we feel invisible.

Like we are fading into the background.

fine art invisible series, lesbian gift, queer art,

Like smoke, our hearts and minds are evaporating and no one notices.

lesbian art, gay wedding gift, fine art wedding series
Maybe that is part of what gives us all common ground.

We are unique, strong, beautiful individuals that have something amazing to offer the world and each day, despite sometimes feeling invisible we go out into the world and fight to be heard.

And as I sat looking over the photographs I had taken, the ones I meant to lament a loss of vision could actually mean so much more.

Alone we crack and fall apart.

But together, we can be strong.

Together it is our insecurities that dissipate.

Our lack of confidence that breaks apart.


Our fears.

Our anxieties.

Our depression.

Together we are seen for who we are, we are heard for what we have to say, we are who we are meant to be.

We are reborn.


As a wedding photographer you always have to be on the look out for that perfect shot.

That burst of spontaneous laughter.

Those tears that fill proud parents’ eyes.

You’re a photojournalist capturing the entire day as it unfolds around you.

But what do you do when time is cut short or you walk away feeling like that one perfect shot you imagined just didn’t come naturally together?

Why… you get creative of course!

I wanted to share a photo I took at a recent wedding in Ingersoll at the Elm Hurst.

The wedding day was absolutely gorgeous. The grounds were amazing. There were smiling faces all around and while I got some amazing shots, when I sat at my computer desk later on editing. I just felt as if there was something missing. That WOW image. That “HOW THE HECK DID SHE GET THAT??!” shot that I love to be able to give couples.

Seriously, I absolutely love it when I hear a couple state that I was “everywhere” on their wedding day or ask how I got a few of the shots I got… it means a) I did a good job and b) I was probably a ninja in a former life.

So every now and again when I feel that there is something missing I go into creative mode.

I started with this lovely shot of the couple…
IMG_094It’s a pretty sweet photo.

But it’s missing something…

Motion. Drama. EMOTION.

So down to the Elm Hurst I go in search of emotion.

I have a plan forming in my head as I head that way and so pick up my handy-dandy assistant.

This is a job for two.

I get the lovely Dave to hold a stand-in veil for me and take photos as he begins to wave it in front of the camera.


Shake, Shake, Shake…


Doesn’t he look just so impressed to be standing in the parking lot of the Elm Hurst shaking a veil while their patrons walk by giving us strange looks?


I take at least a hundred photos as Dave looks on.

At this point I’m pretty certain I’ve got what I need.

But I make him do it one more time for the fun of it.

And then to home I head and spend the next six hours editing in Photoshop.

But the end result?

So worth it.

Amazing wedding photography in Ingersoll ON

Thanks Dave for letting me torture you just a little bit…

The couple thanks you too. 😉


2Bride Photography is getting a face lift!

For those of you who are loyal followers, you may have woken up this morning to realize that the 2Bride you know and love looks suddenly…. different. I have to admit an update to this site is long over due. I want the site to be more functional. To capture the spirit and essence of what I want 2Bride to be. The problem is, in deleting the old website and posting the new one to the interwebs, I inadvertantly deleted my old blog.

Tech savy, I have never been…

So we start over. New. Fresh. Clean. All those old posts are not lost (entirely). They exist in the photos and the stories those photos tell. And so over the next few weeks I will be reposting those old stories (as well as a few new ones) here in my blogs new home.

We’ll start over, together. Welcome to the journey.