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Give the Gift of Magic

Wedding Registries – Give the gift of Magic; the gift of lasting Memories.

Gone are the days where couples, just starting out, were getting married and needed bed sheets and blenders to stock their houses with. More and more couples are already established by the time they hit the aisle and say their “I do’s”. So what is Grandma to do if she wants to give a meaningful present? Money? Gift Cards?

Now at 2Bride Photography we offer a Wedding Photography Registry for your friends and family to contribute toward. Instead of traditional registries, they can contribute toward your Wedding Photography package or toward those extras you had your eye on…

Take a look through our product offerings and add them to your Registry the same way you would at one of the big super stores. Wall canvas? Yes please! Custom photo album of your favourite poses and photos? Definitely! You friends and family will receive a “We’re Registered at” card with a link to your personal Registry. There they can go online and view your ‘Must Have’ list and either pitch in toward an item or buy the item outright for you.

They’ll give the gift of meaning; of lasting memories from your Wedding Day.

Financing – An Alternate way to pay for your Wedding Package.

Weddings can be a real pain in the pocket book.

Lump sum payments seem to be required by every vendor… half of them all on the exact same day!

What’s a couple to do but turn their pockets inside out?

We definitely understand the strain all these payments can make on your normal day to day finances. Which is why 2Bride Photography now offers an easier way to pay for your Wedding Photography. Financing.

Split the cost of your Wedding Package into equal monthly payments. Choose the day you want your payment to come out each month. Choose the payment method (Credit Card or through your bank account) and we will withdraw the amount directly from your credit card or account each month until the package is paid in full. You no longer have to worry about large payments to be made. It’s just one easy form and you’re done. No more stress.

Interested in either option? You can check out the Financing page here or the Wedding Registry page here. Or Contact us for more details! We’re always here to help!


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