Holiday Photo Traditions


Holiday Photo Traditions

Just after my daughter was born I tried to institute the tradition of the “Christmas Family Photo” in our home.

It did not go over well.

Never mind the tripod set up and constantly getting up to run to the camera to hit the timer again (I didn’t have a wireless remote in those days…), but there was also the crying baby, the significant other rolling her eyes at the 5,000th retake… We all just ended up looking awkward and uncomfortable and refused to send out a Christmas card that year.

So eventually, I gave up and moved on to a new Christmas tradition: kid pictures.


Posing nicely…


What is going on here? Is she practicing a strangle hold for when they’re older?

They can don whatever clothes they wish and they get to pick the location.


“Meow!” 2014 Halloween Costume.



Outtakes. Yup. This is definitely my child.


Bowser says “ROOOOAAAAAR!”


There always seems to be an outdoor component to these where the kids run around in the snow and I’m stuck freezing trying to make sure they a) don’t kill themselves and b) take cute pictures.

The life of a photographer!


Why yes, those are unraked leaves in my backyard in the beginning of December…


So of course we had to play with them.


And that my friends is my holiday photo tradition.


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