Gorgeous Halloween Lesbian Wedding

A Masquerade Wedding in Toronto Ontario

Beautiful lesbian brides pose for a photo at the Country Heritage Park in Toronto Ontario

Michelle & Sonia – The Masquerade

Beautiful lesbian wedding held at the Country Heritage Park in Toronto Ontario

I’m incredibly lucky in what I do.

I get to meet fun, enthusiastic, awesome couples and help them celebrate one of the best days of their lives (so far!) together.

I capture the photos of them holding back the tears while they say ‘I do’, laughing hysterically while they trek through a forest in heels (or dress shoes), and slow dancing the night away. I get to be the fly on the wall; an observer of real, amazing people falling in love.

I first met Michelle and Sonia in February at their home in Toronto. We sat around their Kitchen table for a good hour and a half sipping espressos (I had two) and talking about what made them, them.

Other than the extreme caffeine high I got, I got the chance to learn about them.

Sonia is the outgoing, independent, thrill seeker of this duo. She is the one who would invite you to go white water rafting, and even if you were terrified of water, you’d say yes in spite of yourself because she is just too nice to say no too.

Michelle is the… calmer one of the two. She is the friendly, creative spirit who was born to write.

Together they make one of the nicest, most genuine couples I have had the pleasure of meeting. So I was ecstatic when they picked me as their photographer.

Even more so when I found out (closer to the day) that they would be having a masquerade theme at their wedding!


The Gambrel barn, ceremony location for this awesome halloween lesbian wedding in toronto ontarioThe ceremony - preparing for this lesbian wedding at the gambrel barnThe upper loft was reserved for where these beautiful ladies would walk arm-in-arm with their Father’s down the aisle.

Below, they prepared for the Masquerade Reception.

Reception at the Gambrel Barn in Toronto OntarioAfter the Ceremony, guests had a chance to pick out their own Masquerade masks for the reception.

…or pick out some of the candy…

Pick your mask! Lesbian Masquerade wedding at the Gambrel Barn in Toronto OntarioThe brides masquerade masks Taking advantage of a lull in the day to photograph the brides masks and rings…

I just LOVE the masks they chose!

The brides masquerade masks matched with their wedding ringsLove the detail shots of these rings on this lesbian wedding day. As both brides arrived we met outside by the old Ford gas station for their reveal photo..

Michelle, waiting patiently for her bride, Sonia.

We managed to get both brides back to back without seeing each other. (It was a feat in itself!)

And slowly they reached backwards and joined hands… waiting for the moment when they’d see each other for the first time…


The brides reach back to join hands before their revealThe two brides wait for their first look The brides wait patiently for their first look at each otherUntil finally 3… 2… 1…

The brides see each other for the first timeThe first kiss of the day! Stay tuned for Part Two of this gorgeous sneak peak… coming up… next week!


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