Paying it Forward, Giving back in 2014…

About Us pages always talk in the 3rd person. They involve company ideals, they talk about the entity that is big and small business. Just once I’d like to forego that formality.

Because isn’t it really about people? About you? About me? About all of us working together to make lives better. Whether it is on your wedding day or every day forward, we touch lives and change lives on a daily basis.

I don’t know about you but my coming out process was rather rough. When you come out later in life (especially after you’ve gotten married), there’s not a lot of sympathy and not a lot of support.

Thankfully, for my sanity, I had a few good friends who loved me for me and gave me the shoulder I needed. I fought with them. I cried with them. Eventually I came out the other side, with them.

But the truth is: I wouldn’t have made it without them.

There are a lot of people out there who don’t have that kind of support. That are alone. That are fighting through a process of coming out of the closet with no one to rely on.

That’s why when I was looking for a charity to support in 2014 and I stumbled across the LGBT youth help line, I knew it was the one.

This helpline operates 24/7 giving LGBT youth a safe place to call and talk to someone when they feel the rest of the world has turned their backs on them. It’s individuals making a difference.

And we’re going to help them. Starting January 1, 2014 5% of all the proceeds from every photo shoot booked in 2014 will go toward this awesome charity.

We can have fun, take some amazing photos, and help change someone’s life at the same time.

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