Mel & Beth : A Snowy Lesbian Wedding

Falling in Love at the George Brown Heritage House

Mel & Beth- Vintage Wedding at it’s Best!

I first met Mel & Beth over Skype, their lives a blur of thesis statements and wedding plans, left no time for consultations.

So we met for the first time in the comfort of our own homes, face to face by iPad video cameras.

Even though there was distance, I didn’t feel any of the distance.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and curled up on my coach and we shared stories about each other like we were old friends sitting in eachother’s home.

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Mel & Beth weren’t really fancy people. They didn’t like a lot of attention (even though that was kinda inevitable on their wedding day!). They’re laid back. They’re friendly. They’re relaxed. And that was what they wanted their wedding to be like; a giant party. No big to-do. Just friends and family getting together.

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George Brown House Lesbian Wedding Photography

They decorated with family photos, fun sayings, oragami storks, and jenga blocks as their guest book so in the future they could play a game that would remind them of the support of their friends and family.

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It was a chilly, snowy November day when we met at the George Brown House in Toronto Ontario.

There was a little bit of snow on the ground and a little in the air, but that didn’t stop these two from playing inside and outside the beautiful grounds.

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